VLADIVOSTOK, a city which "rules the East..."  The name reflects ambitions of the Governor General of Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, Count Nikolai  Muraviov-Amursky, who realized in 1859 while on a charting expedition in the Sea of Japan that he had found the perfect location for a military outpost to defend the Eastern border of Russia. Vladivostok's port is a natural inlet which is called the Golden Horn Bay due to its resemblance to the Golden Horn in Istanbul, a natural crossroads for trading, "a window" to the East.

     Today, Vladivostok has a population of approximately 700,000. It is home to the mighty Pacific Navy, and at the same time to fifteen higher educational establishments, the biggest of which is Far Eastern State University.  Vladivostok's geographical location has determined much of the industry here. Both shipping and fishing are important industries in this region. One of the largest shipyards in the country, "Dal'zavod," is located here.
Come appreciate Vladivostok's museums and art galleries, including the Arsenyev museum of local lore; the unique Children's Picture Gallery; the Art Etage Picture gallery, and the State Picture Gallery, the oldest in the region, which proudly displays works by M. Chagall, N. Roerich, V. Kandinsky, I. Repin, I. Aivazovsky, L. Borovikovsky, and many others. Some of Russia's greatest classics, as well as more modern presentations are performed at the Gorky Theater, the Chamber Theater, the Children's Puppet Theater, and the Theater for Youth.
Come experience the many outstanding natural features along the coast, as well as enjoy the gorgeous view across the spectacular Golden Horn Bay.


The easternmost terminus on Trans-Siberian in Vladivostok. Click for a Trans-Siberan tour



Tiger Hill on a summer night. Downtown Vladivostok 




A bit of Vladivostok's military heritage


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