Inflot World Wide St.Petersburg is one of the oldest and most experienced shipping agencies in the world. Tracing its history back to the famous INFLOT Soviet Shipping Agency, the state-owned company, that served every ship visiting Soviet ports, INFLOT World Wide benefits from a rich heritage and more than sixty years of experience. INFLOT World Wide is fully licensed Shipping Agency committed to ISO Quality System and certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 

     HMMY  "Britannia" in the Neva River 1994.

As the most experienced and well established shipping agency in the Baltic, INFLOT has been the only choice by the vast majority of commercial shipping, cruise lines, and foreign navies visiting such ports as St.Petersburg, as well as Tallinn, Riga, Klaipeda, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Archangel, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk, Kuril Islands, Odessa, Yalta, Sevastopol, Varna, Nessebur, Constanta, Istanbul, Sochi, Novorossiysk, and all other Baltic, Black Sea, and CIS ports.

The English Embankment in Summer 1999



As a result of INFLOT’s unique reputation, it has been honored to be     representative of many very special events, a few of which include:
1994: Attended the first visit of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Russia on the Royal Yacht HMA Britannia;

  • 1996: Handled all agency activities for the international Cutty Sark regatta;

  • 1997: Appointed as agent and coordinator for world famous “Sea Launch” project in St.Petersburg;

  • 1998: Appointed as the general agent of first in history of Squadron of NATO ships to St.Petesburg;

  •  2001: INFLOT World Wide was retained by Russian Oil Export Industry as the first and exclusive Shipping Agent for the New Oil Terminal of Primorsk, and was honored to represent the inaugural call of the m/t Petrokrepost, which was greeted by Russian President Vladimir Putin

  • 2003: New all the year round cruise line Helsinki - St.Petersburg.
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  • 2003: July 4th. The first US ship to enter Russia in 7 Years.




  INFLOT’s long-standing affiliations with Port Authorities in the Baltic insures its client’s first class service   and hassle-free assistance with Customs, Immigration, and law enforcement agencies.  Never satisfied with past success, in 2001 the scale of INFLOT was enlarged though the acquisition of the former INFLOT Cargo Department, greatly expanding its ability to service the cargo shipping industry.
As the member of INFLOT WORLD WIDE group we represent in Russia our Principals Messrs. INFLOT World Wide Inc Shipping based in Florida, Fort Lauderdale. With INFLOT World Wide as a General Agent you can be sure, that your ship is under sharp eye of professional and well experienced sub agencies in former USSR ports.

INFLOT World Wide offers  wide range of IN-PORT services in the port of St-Petersburg and Leningradskaya region. We provide:

  • Ship's chartering , sales & purchasing in Russian and World Market

  • Most expertise Cruise Shipping and pleasure boats attendance

  • Comprehensive cargo shipping attendance

  • Container brokerage

  • Liner shipping services, logistic and most complete air & sea freight customs clearance




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