In December 2001: INFLOT World Wide was honored to be retained by the Russian Oil Export Industry as the first, and exclusive Shipping Agent for the New Oil Terminal of Primorsk and represented the inaugural call of the m/v Petrokrepost, which was greeted by Russian President Vladimir Putin. 
     We also have very extensive contacts with Russian Authorities including St-Petersburg & Primorsk Port Administration , and well established relationships with Ministry of Transport and Federal Ministry of Oil & Energy in Moscow.
     INFLOT World Wide has own office in Primorsk and our staff is well equipped with lap top computers and mobile E-Mail, Internet and fax communication systems , so we are able to handle the operational matters with our clients on ship& shore side in Primorsk port at the high level of efficiency and professional performance. 
      Basing on our experience and the business links we would be pleased to offer our clients the following services at the Primorsk Port as listed below:
     1. Our agency is capable to provide the smooth clearance in and out and complete 24 hours attendance.  
      2.The expertise and efficiency of the agents could allow to reduce the berthing and approaching time as the direct access to the Maritime Administration is available from St. Petersburg and Primorsk.
      3. The information( copies of the B/L and Quality certificates etc.) could be provided on line from the mobile Internet lap top computer.
      4.The arbitration sample from the shore line could be placed on board upon loading completion by the agents ( should same is requested separately by the client).
      5.The access of the surveyors and the forwarding company representatives could be arranged especially with respect of the sampling and measurements of the shore tanks and ullages of the shore reservoirs before and after loading.
      6.The detailed report for the Primorsk port activity could be provided to the client on the exclusive basis with month outlook to be submitted by the end of each calendar month.
     7.The reports for the activity of other companies and their profiles could be submitted for the information of the client. The report may include the information for the shipping procedures, the last Bye Laws and Drafts thereof which could affect the business interests of the receivers. 
      8. Effective protection of financial interests of our clients in regards of ports dues, tug boat and service fees optimization and savings. As the member of Agency Association of St-Petersburg port we have the particular ability to provide fast and dependable representation in all kind of Russian Maritime Authorities and ensure just any problems You may face in Primorsk.
At the moment our business partners (Tanker Ship Owners) at Primorsk  are :


 1. SOVCOMFLOT, Russia
 2. THENAMARIS (Shipmanagement) Athens. Inc.

     Apart of the other agency companies INFLOT World Wide represents the shipowners interests on the independent basis which is very helpful for the hassles in port services.

      We welcome You and Your good company for the fruitful co-operation in Primorsk port for the mutual advantage. 





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