weel.gif (1576 bytes)The port of Odessa is one of the largest  port on the Black Sea and main Ukrainian trade, industry and culture center. Being the third large city in Ukraine Odessa is very attractive tourist center on the Ukrainian shore of the Black Sea.
weel.gif (1576 bytes)The port of Odessa is accessible for cruise ships up to 240 meters in length, with draught of 11.5 meters. 

passenger terminal


weel.gif (1576 bytes)The port of Odessa is the home port of famous BLASCO shipping company - the largest ship owner in Eastern Europe and  presently operator of former USSR passenger fleet. The Odessa port has modern and convenient Passenger Terminals and all necessary facilities. Traditionally from Soviet times Odessa is the popular destination for many cruise ships from all over the world and now INFLOT WORLD WIDE welcomes You to visit Odessa for enjoyable stay.

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weel.gif (1576 bytes)In the port of Odessa we can offer full scale of agency attendance for cruise ships. 
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Only with INFLOT WORLD WIDE Your can be sure that Your ship and Your guests will be under well supervision around the clock in Europe and USA scale of time.

In Odessa we are honoured to attend the ships of:

weel.gif (1576 bytes)We can resolve just any problems which You may face while Your ship's stay no matter how far from Your office, simply call to INFLOT WORLDWIDE office at any of Your convenience!

weel.gif (1576 bytes) Having a particular edge on our counterparts being formed years ago INFLOT World Wide will provide for You smooth and efficient shipping services in the port of Odessa and in all Ukrainian ports.

weel.gif (1576 bytes) In the port of Odessa we can offer also full scale of agency services and all kind of Maritime business:

  • Port Agency

  • Ship's repair services 

  • Chartering

  • Forwarding

  • Warehousing

Here you can find  port  information:

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