The city of Murmansk, the capital of the Russian polar regions is the biggest city on the planet situated above the Arctic Circle. It is the largest port in the Russian North and the only port to remain ice-free all year round.

       October 4, 1916 on top of a hill slowly there was a solemn ceremony: mortgaged a bronze plate in the basis of a sacred temple, mortgaged new Russian city - Romanov na Murmane. Since April, 1917 Murmansk is named.

       Today almost in whole length of city more than on 20   kilometers the various port structures, berthes, docks are pulled. With the second terrace Murmansk begins, central area - Oktabrsky district here is located it.
In city there are two other districts - Pervomaisky in a southern part and Leninsky in - northern. On the third terrace the residential building is located which is solved as compact derivations defending inner space raging here winds and from snowstorm.




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