INFLOT World Wide Inc., was incorporated in the United States in 1997 and has become part of the Inflot World Wide Agencies Network in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
     INFLOT World Wide now is a Group of  multinational corporations, handling hundreds of port calls for cruise liners and cargo ships in port around the globe.


     As a leading company in the both US and International markets, INFLOT World Wide was selected in 2001 to be an official Business Advisor to the United States Senatorial Trust by Sen. Trent Lott. The Chairman and CEO of INFLOT World Wide Inc., Captain Sergey Ponyatovsky,  is a former ship's captain and now in addition to his corporate duties is a Governor of the Maritime Security Council, a member of the United State Senatorial Trust, and Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council. Recently, Captain Ponyatovsky, was selected as the "2001 Businessman of the Year" by the Business Advisory Council.

      By having INFLOT World Wide as their Agent, our clients enjoy a host of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • All financial transactions are handled through a US Bank, so as to provide customers with maximum security and efficiency;

  • INFLOT WW Inc., has General Liability Insurance with the First Class US Insurance provider valued at USD 5 000 000

  • With receivable of over $10 000 000 in 2001, INFLOT can provide substantial credit lines to long term clients;

  •  All our local subcontractors and vendors are carefully selected based on our unique knowledge and unparalleled government access. Customers receive the same high standard of service in whatever port their ships may call within the INFLOT World Wide Network;

  • No additional expenses are added to our General Agency services. INFLOT is pleased to provide customers with common accounting and financial supervision for all ports within our responsibility, so customers have only to deal with one company:  INFLOT World Wide;

  • For multi-port agency attendance we are able to achieve substantial reduction from the agency fees through our Network of related service providers;

  • Our office in St.Petersburg handles operations of European time and is always prepared to insure a swift resolution to any problem Your  ship may face;

  • INFLOT will keep You constantly informed of the latest Immigration, Customs and Harbour regulations in each of the ports in its Network.

  • Dependable and fast financial and accounting supervision with standardized D/Accounts in all ports. Reliable bank services through US-based First Union National Bank and insurance of commercial risks;

  • Reliable and cost-competitive shore excursions companies with unmatched experience and professionalism;

  • Full service cargo shipping agency services, including customís clearance and forwarding.

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      INFLOT World Wide provides many other services and products, including shipís brokerage, shipís sale and purchase assistance. For, due to its unique market position, INFLOT World Wide was selected to develop several international ship building projects on behalf of Norwegian and Russian clients, including the construction the large-scale offshore fish farms.
INFLOT World Wide has a long standing business partnership with leading Russian shipbuilding yards and military industrial syndicates for the manufacture of sophisticated products for the fishing and shipping industries at below market prices, while meeting the highest Western expectation for quality.

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