Archangelsk is situated on the North - West of Russia join the White See. The city was founded 1584 by the Great Russian Tzar Peter the First and has a very rich history. The history indissolubly connected to Sea Fahring you can know about it in the museum of North Sea-fahring. There is a wonderful exposition of Russian modern artists in museum of Fine Arts. Unique ancient Icons, History and Nature of Region you learn from the exposition of Museum of Local Lore. For people who are interested in Nature can visit museum of Wild Animalsí World.

        Russian North is remarkable for its majestic scenery and unique architecture. The ancient Archangelsk played a leading role in the history of Russian architecture. Nowdays. The Pearl of Region is Solovetzky Archipelago with marvelous nature and wonderful monuments of Architecture.

        Especially wonderful in Summer is Summer White nights - since end of May till end of June, the Sun never goes down. In Winter Queen of Snow wait for you to show marvelous soft White Snow, Polar lights and North Feast. There are about 25 thousand Lakes, include salt, mineral sources, that allow to create famous resorts Solonicha and Solvychegodsk in Archangelsk Region.

        There are 170 archeology and history architecture monuments in Solovetsky Islands. The powerful and austere architecture of the 15-th century Solovetzky Monastery-the former northern outpost of Russia-seemingly by rising from the White See. Here you can see historic and architecture ensemble of monastery, includes churches of 16,17,18-th centuries. The most popular is the Monastery of the Transfiguration of our Saviour (Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery) that was founded 20-30 years of 15-th century.








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